If frogs could think

If frogs could think, what do you think this fella was thinking? 

“I just need to hold on ONE MORE MINUTE. A little longer and someone is bound to come. This is starting to hurt. How much longer can I stand this pain. Is someone going to save me or is something going to come kill me. How much longer will I last hanging here. Hanging by a thread, by one tiny thread. Will anyone glance this way, pass by and notice me. It’s the middle of the night, no one will come. I will surely die here all alone. Someone please save me!”

I’ve been hanging by a thread. I have prayed someone would save me. I have felt frog thoughts. 

In the middle of the night I couldn’t sleep. So I decided to take the dog out and sit on the deck when I came across this poor little guy. I gasped! Then I wondered how on earth I was going to save him because he was out of my reach. So I talked to him. Assured him that I would find a way. I would get a chair or something to stand on. Something that a person with a muscle disease and bone disease SHOULD NOT DO. But his life mattered to me. He needed to be saved. How could anything be left hanging by a thread. So I got him down. Pulled all of the spider web off of him. He then jumped out of my hand. Here is the final result of little “Stephan”

Alive and well and ready to hop on to a brighter future. 

I cannot tell you how many times I felt like Stephan. How many times I wanted someone to speak reassurances to me that I would be ok. That help was coming and I would have support, comfort and freedom. 

I keep these pictures to remind me that even in the darkest moments when you think there is absolutely no way you will find a way, one will present itself. Even if it is a sleepless person who happens to pass by at just the right time and chooses to notice and do the right thing. Anything is possible. Hope does exist.

8 thoughts on “If frogs could think

  1. Looks like Florida? I spent many sleepless night there recovering from divorce. Those little totem friends draw up helpful thoughts. Frogs especially are said to be linked to feelings and intuition.


    • Yes, we are in Florida. I love them. They are everywhere. At night on every window. They jump on me when I walk out the door.. little green wonders. I hope you were able to recover from your divorce here.


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