Rated G entertainment:A break from politics :)

My daughter and I love snails. They used to visit more often than they do now. One evening we went onto the deck to have dinner. There was a snail on the glass table. We wondered what a snail would want to choose if he could choose to eat human food. So we put a piece of banana, some beans from a burrito, and a bite of pizza. We surrounded him with the choices. Below you will see his choice was pizza. Pure Rated G entertainment!!!

Then there was always Jessy to sing with. He loved to sing, so my daughter videoed this little duet of Jess and me. 

Then we always have the posing frogs. 

6 thoughts on “Rated G entertainment:A break from politics :)

    • I had rescued both of them in the same day from being stuck in the window.The one I put on a solar light which wasn’t on but he just looked so relaxed and the other frog we say gave me “the eye” as if to say, ” ok thanks now move along”. We do get joy out of little things! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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  1. Jessy is Grand. As for snails, when we lived in west palm beach we had a sprinkler system run from a well in the back yard. Snails would constantly get into the irrigation pipes from the wellas eggs, would grow in the pipes, then when big enough would choke off the water flow. Keep singing, the world needs as many songs as it can get. Hugs

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