Rated G pictures to distract your mind from politics :)

The picture is fuzzy but it is an obnoxious flower arrangement in a basket hanging on the front door. The mama wren is on the door frame. I was so happy that it was used by my favorite wren to have her babies. We watched them learn to fly. Here are some of the precious babies!!!

I highly encourage anyone to watch baby birds learn to fly! There is a lot of tough love involved. As soon as they were all out of the nest and resting in the tea olive tree, they each got a snack. 

The note on the door says to not use the door because of the next….

And while we were out…..

Today there was a wonderful breeze and the sun felt so good on my face!

Because no matter what…..sometimes you just need to close your eyes and feel the breeze and the sun. Sometimes it is all you can do.

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