Struggle does not often come with a reward. 

I have a very hard time walking in the grass. I have for years. My legs become weak and it takes hours for them to recover. So I don’t typically walk in the grass. I sit in the grass right next to the sidewalk, but I don’t venture to far into it. Today I THOUGHT I saw a bloom on the end of my Japanese Magnolia. It has only bloomed once in the 11 years I have had it. So I grabbed my camera and walked through the yard. Look at the reward I got. 

Two blooms! I love how they are on bare sticks! What a contrast! Something that would otherwise look dead upon first glance. Then out shoots this beautiful flower! And two buds to boot! They seem to be reaching up towards the sky. I stood underneath them I felt like I wanted to reach my arms up to the sky with them. I smiled up at them and felt like, for just that moment, everything would be okay. 

Behind it, on the fence, is what also looks like intertwining sticks. But soon wisteria flowers will come. I can’t wait. Since I was already out there, I walked around to see the honeysuckle. I planted this 11 years ago too. The hummingbirds love it. 

Then there are the teaolives whose flowers pack a punch. You would never think such a tiny flower could produce such a magnificent smell!

Then we have the azaleas who think it is spring because of the unusual hot weather in January. I love the mix of colors. 

What can I say: Flowers make me happy! The fact that nature can produce something so beautiful all on its own is just magical to me. 

I can tell you I haven’t been rewarded very often as I go through struggles. When I am, I feel extremely grateful. Whether it is a hug from my husband or walking through the grass to see a beautiful flowering tree, I will always appreciate the good. 

5 thoughts on “Gifts.

  1. You have a nice slice of nature to visit there at your place. They say living things and the planet has an energy to it. To people who can feel the energy they can be recharged. You must be able to sense the energy of the earth. Grand. It is a great gift. It maybe why you love the plants and animals so much. Hugs

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