A tribute to Randy. A truly good man.

More about my cousin Randy after finding my biological cousins.

NOT MY SECRET...My story...My truth

imageI remember my first conversation with Randy.

I remember my last conversation with Randy.

Both were equally as loving and  emotional.

I started searching for my biological grandparents when I learned I had a rare muscle disease. I wanted to find if others in the family had the same diagnosis. I had documents that I faxed to Randy to prove I was who I said I was. He was my cousin and I was overjoyed in finding him. I sent a picture of myself. In our first conversation he said he knew right away when he saw my face that I was a Sternhill. In all of our conversations over the years he’d often say, ” You are definitely a Sternhill.”  We were both very emotional during that first converstation.  I was  a link and a connection to someone he loved very much, my biological grandmother, that he dearly loved…

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