To validate.

Re blogging this post as it has video links I made discussing life with a muscle disease.

NOT MY SECRET...My story...My truth

You wouldn’t think that having a muscle disease and having a past of abuse would intertwine. But they do.

I had an appointment today. To leave the house with a muscle disease is complicated. I can’t drink too much because they I will have to pee. If I have to pee, then whoever is taking me to the appointment will then have to take me to the bathroom because I can’t open bathroom doors. I have to question the person driving me and make sure the aren’t a ….drive as fast to the stop sign then slam your breaks on driver….with the severity of my muscle disease and osteoporosis I break easily. Slamming on the breaks gives me days of agony. Once I get the driver situated and deprive myself of fluids then I need to make sure they can drop me off at the front door and open it…

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