I wish I could be the Facebook you,

With the perfect family and the perfect face.

The instagram you,

Hashtag queen life and love saves.

Lunches and dinners with endless friends,

All A children 

quite the scholars,

With their brand new cars,

Flashing their 100 dollars.


I don’t wish I were you!

For envy is a sin.

And I’d be jealous of 

A filtered face,

A spoiled child,

And fake friends.

A social media life of pretend.

The posts of make believe.

Because behind a filtered face

With roses and daisies

Life looks prettier that way.

But you’ve created a “life”

No one can attain.

Really, we all know it’s fake.

Where do you begin

And where do the masks end.

I want to know,

What’s beneath the skin.

I wanted your life for a moment,

To have your world.

Ah something to live for!

Where there is daily bliss,

And the pain I suffer 

Will cease to exist.

But you’re not real.

You’re just a picture on a screen.

And I’ve wasted time just being mean.

I’ve judged you,

Out of my own frustration.

Made accusations.

Then justifications.

Social media breeds hate,

Jealousy and more.

I think I’ll turn off my wifi,

And go back to the real world.

7 thoughts on “Poetry

    • I’ve wondered how their lives are but the fact is we don’t really ever know because it’s all a facade, that’s why I post real pictures, real life, the good, the bad, the ugly. It’s real and that’s the only way I can be. I can’t waste any more time on the social media world wondering pondering about lives of people I will possibly never even see again.

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