Watch the wren!!!!!

I was very upset this morning about….well hundreds of things….but to my absolutely surprise, a wren flew into my bedroom. Sat on my dresser. I turned on my ipad video camera. I was in my bed. She flew to the tv and made some precious noises. Then I caught her on video flying out. You may have to watch it a few times to see her. 

Powerful lesson. When life has you overwhelmed. When life has you consumed with and enveloped in absolute darkness, open a window to the light. Maybe, just maybe, a little bird will fly in. Good is always there. 

4 thoughts on “Watch the wren!!!!!

  1. Wow what a fast little bird it is. When it seems life has blocked you from what you wanted, it maybe setting you up for something better. I recently spent three days of effort to get a keyboard. Then because every attempt to get the one I wanted fell through I thought I would get a different brand that was more expensive. However when we went to Target this morning they had what I took to be the $130 dollar version was on sale for $68 dollars. Turns out it was not the model I thought it was but it was perfect. We had the store clerk get it out for us, and I put it on the pad. It was great. So we got it for half the price we figured to pay. All I had to do was go through three anxiety filled days and a few nights of what ifs. Well I have found if you are willing to listen to the universe it just may speak to you. Be well. Hugs


    • Yay! What a great story!!!
      I’m glad you got what made you happy and was perfect for you!
      I got a new iPad and a new case with a keyboard. The case broke ,my ipad fell out and broke. I was soooo upset….well the company that made the keyboard not only got me a brand new iPad but an upgraded case with keyboard that I love. So yep. Sometimes things just work out fabulous

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