My grandfather.

The reason I first went to the nursing home, that I ended up volunteering for, which led to me being a chaplain, is this man. My dad put him in the nursing home and I started visiting him 3 days a week. I had not seen him since I was probably 13 or so years old. He came back to live with my father but due to his health was put in the nursing home. I spent a year with him, my daughter and me. He loved me. He loved my daughter. He was my grandfather. A truly good man. I want to honor him by posting this picture. With all the bad out there, there ARE good men and I have been fortunate enough to know many of them. This man never spent a dime of the money he made. He lived in a small trailer with his wife up in the mountains. He had his bible and his wife and he was happy. He shared his bible with me and the entire bible had notes in the margins, underlined passages, thoughts, it was beautiful. He lived in a tiny trailer, lived the last year of his life in a nursing home, and had a half a million dollars in the bank, all left in a will to his family. He even left some money to my mother. My mother and father had been divorced since forever but since she was the mother of his grandchildren he left her something too. No one was left out, everyone got a little bit. I remember crying when I heard that he had this money. Crying that we could have paid someone to take care of him in his home and he would have never had to be in that nursing home. But he didn’t want it that way. He cared for others more. And because of him, I became a chaplain.  This man was a representation of a true Godly man. 

Look at how he was looking at my daughter, with such love in his eyes, and that smile. All of our love clearly shows in this picture. 

7 thoughts on “My grandfather.

    • He really was! I’m glad you have one too! My other grandfather was the same I just lost him when I was a little girl. My husband’s grandfather lived until he was lat 90’s and was out playing golf 2 weeks before he passed away. We’ve had some great grandpas in this family for sure. The dad’s failed us around here but the grandpas were awesome.

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