Abuse took everything 

But me.

It took my time.

It took my memories.

It took my family.

Abuse took everything

But me.

It took my childhood.

It took my dreams.

It took my freedom.

It took my dignity.

Abuse could not take everything

It did not take my identity.

I still have me.

And that’s all I need to start again

To create a new destiny. 

No one can take that from 


7 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. YES! You may have been through TOO MUCH and you may have felt like you lost and you may actually have lost but YOU ARE STILL YOU and NOBODY CAN EVER TAKE THAT! You actually are FAR MORE THAN YOU REALIZE and far more than you think you still are, and that will be shown with time, I already see it.

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      • I really only tell the truth. Like you I believe with the number of lies in our life we HAVE to claim the truth. So if I support you it’s truthful and because I FEEL what you are saying and I care. I think nobody can destroy you unless you give them permission which both of us may of at times done merely because we were broken but the truth is, we are always stronger than we think we SURVIVE and we never get completely ruined and THEY will never conquer us.

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  2. That’s true. Life might take everything but never you. And the day you realise your worth and importance and that you have always got yourself as backup plan, you are just ready to make a big bang. 🙂 no no can take “You” from you. 🙂

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