I know! Way off topic from my typical posts but this is part of my current life so I thought I would share!

Gluten free. Sugar free. Dairy free. Nut free. Meat free. 

Never thought I could do it! Yesterday I made sweet potatoes and black bean burgers. Today a veggie pizza. Yesterday I made mac-n-veggie cheese. I mean would you look at that! Looks like real cheese right!!! It was made with boiled potatoes and carrots blended with garlic and nutritional yeast and rice noodles  And those tacos!!!! Sautéed mushrooms and peppers in wine and olive oil and Himalayan salt. Oh and let’s not forget hummus. I have to admit….I am a hummus addict. Chick peas, olive oil, garlic, lemon. Dip a chip and you are good to go. I think I can put hummus on a piece of dirt and it would make it taste good. 

I just had to post some pictures because let me tell you this has been a CHALLENGE!!!!!! But I am so proud of myself! 

But also wanted to show that it IS possible to eat dairy/gluten/sugar/meat/nut free and make some yummy meals!!! I still want a piece of chocolate cake fyi…really badly!!!

10 thoughts on “Vegan

    • It’s all for my daughter. We are eliminating tons of things and then reintroducing them. When we introduced nuts she had a bad reaction. When we introduced soy. Bad reaction. So we are slowly learning what she can and can’t eat by just process of elimination. It really doesn’t have to do with what is healthy or good for you as much as just eliminated things one by one to see what happens. Healthy fats are very important and even those are hard for her to process so I measure everything. One tbs olive oil she can do with an entire meal. I tried coconut butter and that didn’t work either. We are working through it.


    • It is very hard to leave out meat and dairy AND soy AND nuts and get the protein she needs. Chia seeds are one way but she had a reaction to those too. Avacado is another way. She had a reaction to those too!!!! Argghhhhhh. Very difficult!

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  1. Well done! I was veggie since I was 13 then went Vegan but here in TX you cannot have a social life without some dairy. I also ate eggs but the ethical ones. Then I went Vegan but lost so much weight I couldn’t sustain it – then I found out as well as diary I was sensitive to wheat I try to eat as little wheat as possible – but this is truly something to be able to go without sugar too! (Now that’s my last vice !) xo


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