PTSD suggestion 

I woke up to a very pleasant morning. My daughter came into my room and took a picture that showed the sun shining through the trees that was beautiful. 

Soon after that I went to open the mail and as soon as I opened it, saw a picture of an insurance agent that caused me great harm years ago. I immediately started to cry which is not something that PTSD typically does to me. Then I felt like I was going to faint. Just seeing the picture. It wasn’t even connected to a thought or image. The full impact of what happened with him did not affect me until many years after it happened. I stayed numb to him and that event for a long time. Seeing his face really affected me. I couldn’t seem to get back to myself until after I put on a necklace that my daughter got for me. 

For some reason feeling the necklace in between my fingers helped me to stay present. I traced the elephant and the baby on the necklace until I was calm. 

I thought I would throw this suggestion out incase you are looking for ways to bring you back to the present as this really helped me today. 

4 thoughts on “PTSD suggestion 

  1. I am sorry you experienced that . People don’t realize how strong and serious these reactions to triggers can be. I am glad your daughter was there and that you have such a close connection to her that the necklace helped pull you back. That you can think of ways to help others when you are suffering is grand. I think I may understand that some. You really are a great person. Hugs

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