Gifts of the day

I went to buy my daughter tulips today. They were her favorite, white and lavender. 

The store is 7 minutes from my house. On the way home is a huge field which has seasonal plantings, sometimes peanuts, sometimes cotton. During the winter they allow cows to graze. I had to stop when I saw this precious mother and baby in the field.

I decided to go one road past our road to take a picture of the prairie. It is where the sandhill cranes go every year at this time, where we hear the coyotes howl the middle of the night, and where all kinds of other wildlife is. I stood at the gate and took a few pictures.

I also caught a gorgous sunset which I always find such gifts in these moments. 

2 thoughts on “Gifts of the day

  1. Grand photos. The sunset is amazing. I love that as built up as florida is , it still has a lot of open land and plenty of different animals. Especially in the center of the state, the middle sections. I loved driving through Ocala, the ranches and horse pastures are grand. Then in the center of the state all the lakes we drive through going from our place to Disney and Universal. Hugs

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