It has been 8 months since I lost my sweet boy (my dog) Jessy to cancer at 13 1/2 years old. After his diagnosis he was given 3 days to live. I switched him over to homemade dog food and he lived happily for 8 more months. 

8 months and I still miss him like it was yesterday. Last night I had a dream that he came to me and I got to hug and kiss him and smell his sweet head that always smelled like a bird. 

I have accepted that some things the heart just does not heal from. This is one of those for me. 

9 thoughts on “Jess

  1. Your Jessy looks like my Silver who just passed away a month ago. She too was a black lab/Husky mix that looked like a lab. I miss her so much. I’ve been falling apart the grief is so heavy right now. But I do believe she is with God and her boyfriend Brut who passed away a year and a half ago. It has been a tragic time around here. I agree, I don’t know that the heart ever really heals from such a loss of unconditional love.

    Blessing to you.


  2. Awe….I am so sorry you lost dogs. I now have two dogs who are getting up there in age. My oldest Ozzy is going to be 13 and he is slowing down quite a bit. It makes me cry to just think about losing him even though I know that day will come. 😦


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