Frogs on a windy day

This little guy had quite the wild ride. Green tree frog on a windy day. I had to help the little fella out and put him on the side of the flower pot. He was very photogenic!

Then  another frog jumped right on my hand. He and I pondered life for awhile until it rained and I had to come in. My conversations with frogs are quite fun!

7 thoughts on “Frogs on a windy day

  1. What a ride that poor frog was getting. Imagine life from its view. Barely holding on, can’t understand what is hitting you, moving you. No safety. Then something solid comes and either surrounds you or gives you a surface to get hold of. Then you are placed in a safe spot you can again understand. Bethany, you should write a short story on it. It would be grand. Hugs


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