The runner.

She glared at me.
I was staring at her legs.

The defined muscles.

And the sweat dripping down her face.

She glared at me.

I was staring at her brand of running shoe.

Her runner’s tank top.

And the glistening of the sun 

On the tiny droplets of sweat on her arms.

How her stick straight pony tail 

Contrasted wet hair that curled around her temples.

She glared at me.

As she breathed in and out.


Running a distance, 

I could tell.

I sat on the edge of my driveway.

Leaning back on my arms.

Looking down at my own legs.

Remembering when mine looked like hers.

Trying for just a moment to BE her.

Knowing how it felt to pound the ground

To be able to run out all of life’s sounds.

She glared at me. 

Even turned back to see,

I was still staring at her.

Not saying a word.

What would I say?

Just trying to be you in my mind

For just one moment of one day?

I couldn’t speak.

I couldn’t raise my hand 

As a tear ran down my cheek


I will never run again.

16 thoughts on “The runner.

  1. It’s too bad she couldn’t read your mind that one time. A lovely poem. The loss of things we love to do is hard. I used to walk for hours and my husband and I used to go camping and walk in the forests. I miss those activities.

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  2. Wow, this is very powerful… wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t assume that when people stare at us that it’s something awful and offensive. I remember as a child staring at another girl, thinking she was so much prettier than I was, admiring her clothes and her hair. When I looked up she was pulling a horrible face at me and I’ll never forget the horror I felt. I’m so sorry you have to miss running like this ❤

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    • Oh that’s so sad that you were admiring her and she took it that way. Isn’t it amazing the things that impact us, the things we remember even from childhood so small as the look on someone’s face can be remembered.

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      • Yes exactly… I suppose that’s why we should always endeavour to be kind. You never know how your actions could stay with someone for the rest of their life. Like this running girl glaring at you… she could have smiled instead ❤

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  3. Well said. Do you still walk and run in your dreams? When you have a good dream, are you waterskiing? It hurts sometimes when we face what we can’t do, but thankfully we can remember being able to do it. My heart is with you. Hugs


    • I have tried to use imagery. When I was looking at the runner I was trying to BE her and remember that feeling. I have tried through imagery to regain strength just by imagining myself running or skiing. It is nice to imagine. I haven’t actually ever dreamed of myself. usually I dream of others.

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      • I like that idea. I have never tried it. I do dream a lot, and only a couple times have I ever dreamed I was in my wheelchair or that I had trouble standing and walking. In my dreams I can walk, run, move with no pain or difficulty. I walk up so happy and then realize it was a dream and get sad. Thank you for a good suggestions. I like anything that helps me be happier and more into life and less into my own disabilities. Many hugs


      • I read a story of a man that was a prisoner of war and he could barely move where he was captured and everyday he passed the time by playing 18 holes of golf. When he was rescued he was not nearly as atrophied or bad off as he would have thought so I have tried to visualize being well. I watch people like this girl or a cyclist and close my eyes and picture it being me and feel everything, the wind, my muscles moving, etc. hope it helps.
        I can imagine waking up from a dream when you were well and realizing oh darn you aren’t is a big let down. I’m happy we can dream in what ever way possible.

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