Life can give us flowers.

My daughter reminded me this morning about how our dog Molly used to pick blackberries with her teeth. Every year we looked forward to blackberry season. We took her to the prairie with us one road over that was lined with wildblackberry bushes. My daughter and I brought bowls to collect the berries. Molly would pick the red, unripened ones, with her front teeth. It was just the cutest thing ever. She was one of a kind!

In the Molly era we used to go to a farm on a daily basis. We helped feed the animals, helped rehab any wildlife that was injured, and overall just loved being there. We could fill every afternoon with these animals. My most beloved animal of the farm was Tomas. Tomas was a turkey. Here is a picture of Tomas being held by my daughter, as a baby.

My daughter could stroke his little head and he would fall fast asleep. He turned his love from her to me. Every time we drove up he ran as fast as he could to my car. He would stand out side of the car door and gobble until I got out. I would hug him and pet him. He followed me around. Wherever I sat Tomas would climb in my lap. He got sick twice in his life and I came out, put him in my lap, covered him with a towel and loved on him until he was well. Tomas had been intended to be eaten but they knew my love for him so he was just part of the farm life out there. Here is Tomas in his full glory!

He always closed his eyes when I stroked his head. I really loved this turkey!!!!

There were many other animals there that brought great joy to my daughter, baby bunnnies, emus (which to this day I am petrified of) horses, a pig, goats, geese, and more. It was a great place for my daughter to spend her childhood.  My daughter and I were at one of my friend’s houses and her dog brought in a baby bunny. My daughter took it out of the dog’s mouth and we immediately took it to the farm where it was rehabbed and released on 100 acres. She also helped rehab this flying squirrel. She and I have always loved all animals. 

That time in my life unfortunately ended in a tragic situation for me. BUT, to just focus on that one bad thing would be an injustice to the pure joy my daughter and I felt for years on this farm with these animals. A human gave me a bad experience. But these animals nourished my soul and gave my daughter a childhood that only comes in dreams! 

I took this picture of this flower in a dirty pond. I look at it now and it reminds me that life may give you some dirty water but wow it can also produce such beautiful flowers. 

A wild horse was brought to the farm. He was released on 100 acres. He had not had human contact and was from what we learned just abandoned. I took these pictures of my daughter petting him for the first time. It was a moment I will not forget. 

Today I was in my room in bed and my daughter was in the kitchen. We both were watching the same wren from different windows. I wished I had gotten a video of her because I just adore her visits. Just then I got a video in my inbox sent by my daughter from the kitchen. She had gotten a little video of her. ​she is on her favorite spot, the top of the water spigot.

Sweet moment, I cherish. 

29 thoughts on “Life can give us flowers.

  1. What a wonderful caring and happy child your daughter was / is. She has a great example in her mother. You are grand. It was such a beautiful gift you gave her, this time on the farm. Memories to bring joy for a lifetime. Hugs


    • She said mom I have to pet him. She is 20 now and she was 7 I think there. My friends thought I was crazy to risk her being with him. I have no idea why I let her. Instinct I guess and her determination that she was going to pet that horse. She stood there for a good hour. She walked up one step every few minutes. It was a beautiful moment.


      • Stunning! The wisdom of both the child, you and the horse. I’ve had two amazing encounters with horses. They’re highly sensitive and intelligent. It could only have been a child’s innocence that could breach the horse’s fear of people. Your instinct was spot on.


      • I believe you are absolutely right. My daughter was just a pure being and the horse knew it. She has never been afraid of any animals. Once baby squirrels fell out of their nest and she just scooped them right up. THe emus at the farm I was scared of, not her, she just went right up to them.

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      • All animals are very sensitive beings. I was going to say particularly that of a horse, which is true, but I think of my cat and I’d have to admit her intelligence floors me at times. There was a dog, a few houses away, who realised I was afraid, not for me but for the cat – how he came up to me, eyes streaming, paws in my hands, looking me directly in the eye, the assurance that he’d never ever harm us! It was so clear he may as well have spoken! The first horse I saw since childhood, when I moved here from the city, ‘compelled’ me to be still while she gave me the once over, it took a full minute of being concentrated on by this horse and she finally, literally, nodded her head up and down as if she approved. Not so with the people I can tell you! One must be doing something right if an animal likes one and the people doesn’t.


      • I love your cat stories and the horse. I have seen them nod their heads like that. My dog was a great judge of character. We often listened to her advice on boys who came over to meet my daughter!!! If she hated them then they were automatically on the ..proceed with caution list!


      • Amazing! I absolutely trust the judgment of dogs: a neighbour, while still in the city, had a dog that went everywhere with her. We went to a jazz club one night and the dog was under the table. Nomsa her name was. The whole night people up and down, obviously. This guy comes in who I know slightly and who has been wanting to go out with me for a while and I’ve hesitated. The dog growled as he sat down with us and I took my cue and gave an outright no, leave off. Later I hear he beat his previous girlfriend! Not even my dog!


  2. I somehow missed this post. I’m so glad I can still comment. I found it looking for the pig on a beach that you mentioned (on a more recent post of mine, just tonight. lol)

    What a great experience for a child. I love all the animals and all the pictures. The shots of your daughter holding those baby animals are really cute. But the ones with the horse are the best after reading what you wrote about him. I love his white socks. 🙂


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