Little beetle.

Hello little beetle on my bed.

Shall I tell you my woes?

Shall I escort you outside?

Why haven’t you flown away?

You look to be a good listener.

You know this quilt I got from my mother.

I had always wanted it. Secretly hoped she’d give it to me.

It was one of her favorite quilts. 

We both loved quilts. 

We had matching ones.

But I buried my dog in that one.

I made it into a comfy bed for him in his final days.

So mom, your twin quilt is just a single now. 

This is all I have left. 

I figured she would never part with this one.

But she gave it to me. 

She gave me this quilt that I loved so much. 

I would have chosen her love instead. 

So I hope you are comfortable on the quilt little beetle. 

It is the last thing I have of my mother.

She used to call me little beetle 

When I was little. 

I liked being a little beetle. 

Life was simple then. 

Yep, I’m chatting with a beetle. 

It is just beetle to beetle,

Because right now, 

Only the beetle seems to hear me.

5 thoughts on “Little beetle.

      • I thought of my comment after I posted it and thought it was insensitive. I gave one of the platitudes I so abhor from other people. I apologise. She should’ve protected you from harm, not give you a blanket.


      • 🙂 That is very kind of you. I didn’t feel it was insensitive. It is okay. I honestly, reflecting on it now, think the only way she knew how to show love was by materialistic givings. She could not give me what I really needed which was continued support, protection, etc. she is just stuck with her pride and the loss of her daughter because she thought only of herself.
        But I do have a pretty quilt!!!

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