Hanging on.

Before having a muscle disease things were much simpler….let me count the ways! Today, I was very excited to go to a banquet for my husband’s job. BUT my hand had a tremor and my left leg was not cooperating. Fortunately, I have my scooter to take with with us but I really did not have the strength to go to the party AND get ready for the party. In comes my little helper! This we call spoiling the mama! And by a daughter who is fighting her own health battle! Her strength truly helps me hang on.

She takes at least 15 years off with her make up skill!!! And next we have the bronzer and the highlighter. Things I would have no clue how to use or put on my face!

Thanks to my sweet girl I was able to go out tonight! 

I even had a total stranger comment on his love of my socks! 

I have no clue how much longer my body will last. If you look at my atrophied leg you will understand. 

I feel like most days it is hanging on by a thread. I feel a constant stream of mixed emotions of fear and grateful. Fear of what I will lose when my body breaks from this bone deterioration and muscle atrophy. Grateful that in spite of how much it has already broken down, it is still holding me up!

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