Stark contrasts.

Watching the Oscars, I immediately wondered about how much those dresses were. I immediately found this picture I posted on the Oscar outfits worn last year. In reading, I learned some of the actors were paid a million dollars just to say whose dress they were wearing. A name is worth a million dollars? A dress is worth 100,000 dollars? I just…can’t.  I flipped the channel to see that Vanderbilt had spent 30 million dollars on a multipurpose facility. 30 MILLION for sports. And I do understand that people do love their sports and athletes love to compete, I was an athlete myself! I understand that we like to watch movies. But is a dress or a name or a sports facility really worth spending THAT much money on? 

I sit here thinking about “Ansley is Fancy” who I follow on Facebook and Instagram. Her parents adopted her knowing that she had multiple disabilities and are struggling financially to get her an accessible van, therapy, etc. I can list too many to count that are hard working people, struggling to get the basic necessities. I personally would love an accessible van. My scooter is hard to lift and unless the person driving me can lift it, then I can’t go. But there are people in far greater need than I am. What could I do with a million dollars…build shelters for abuse victims to  go to.  Help get clean drinking water to others. I look at war torn countries and children starving to death and then I see 30 million dollars for a sports facility. Really?!!! These are the priorities? This is what is important to us? It is not what is important to me.

As an actor I would be ashamed to be so wasteful when so many are in need. I am not at all saying that individuals don’t deserve to be pampered sometimes. I would love it if we could all live in nice homes and have cooks and cleaners and helpers. I know nice clothes are important to many people. But 25,000 dollars for one dress? I couldn’t in good faith buy that dress unless, maybe, perhaps, I donated 25,000 to someone in need. Maybe. Nope, I couldn’t. Who am I trying to kid. I bought my Ann Taylor pants at a consignment shop because I am not going to spend $200 on a pair of pants just because of their name. 

I went to a party. I looked around the room. There were some people wearing jeans. Some wearing dresses. Some wearing suits. Some wearing nice slacks. My husband wore jeans and a nice shirt. I wore a pair of nice pants and a sweater. There was a mix of what people wore but it was a nice balance. There wasn’t a person in shorts and a t-shirt and a person in a tux. Looking at the Oscar dresses and the starving children feels like a t-shirt and a tux. There is no balance. And that is very disheartening to me. I wish there were a balance because the stark contrast makes my heart heavy. I don’t walk around with blinders on. I see the truth everywhere. It is hard to see the truth. But in that truth we can, if we choose, create a balance. There just shouldn’t be a 30 million dollar facility when a school teacher is on food stamps. Worth is evident as i look around, and tragic, and balance I do not see.

3 thoughts on “Stark contrasts.

  1. I know what you mean. Say around some people and they take a break from being so positive (whilst excluding those negative and inconvenient enough to have survived) and they really filthy up. Just got to pray that they never get tested or live to know exactly what it’s like to look out from behind the experience of our eyes. Kindness is an act, not a voiceover whilst someone chases their DESIRES. It is not a weakness.


      • Yeah… just been thinking about it in regards to someone else’s situation.. we are talking about a situation globally much akin to the conspiracies surrounding the petrol engine. Sad but true. Neptune’s transit of Pisces has much to do with it. Stick with it to 2025 and consider then…


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