I was not privileged

I was not privileged.

I was abused and the “system” failed me.

I got no special rights or advantages.

I got overlooked and dismissed.

I was not privileged.

I slept in my car,

I ate 10 cent noodles every day,

I was lost and afraid,

I got no special opportunities.

I was not privileged.

I lived on food stamps and medicaid,

I prostituted my body for rent money,

I had a boyfriend try to shoot me.

I was not privileged.

I was forgotten by society,

I was put in a mental hospital so I didn’t kill myself,

I was put there so no one had to do what needed to be done.

I was a second thought if a thought at all.

I was not privileged.

I had no immunities,

I had no silver spoon or silver linings.

I was a body to be used, discarded, and disregarded.

I was nothing.

I was not privileged.

I was discriminated against for my disease,

I was bullied relentlessly by the cruel,

I was abandoned by my privileged family.

But I,

I am a Caucasian girl.

And I was not privileged.

I was raped.

I was molested by a monster as a little girl.

I was silenced,

And no one ever fought for me.


Because I was not



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  1. My daughter woke up feeling badly….getting diagnosed with another tick borne infection is just not good. Treatment starts again and tick treatment is brutal. I am on it too. But I toook some pictures of some precious birds out my window so my day my start looking up

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