Our little resident squirrel

Whenever it rains, a little squirrel sits on the window ledge outside of the kitchen. She isn’t bothered by my cooking or cleaning in the sink. She just sits there and watches until the rain stops. She also sits on my daughter’s window ledge and watches her when she puts on make up. Today she sat in the olive leaf tree, right outside my daughter’s window, and watched her for awhile with a big nut in her mouth. My daughter took some pictures. Maybe she is a descendent of one of the many squirrels my daughter and I bottle fed and word got out that we are super cool people πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Our little resident squirrel

  1. Grand! I love the look on his little face. You say he was watching your daughter put on makeup? Maybe he was saying … ” Hey whatcha doing”? “Wow what are you putting on your face”? “Is there any nuts involved here”? πŸ™‚ Hugs


    • She usually watches her put make up on but she was just organizing her make up and the little squirrel came today. We talk to her like she is a person. It is hilarious! The looks she gets on her face are too cute. She walked over, drank out of the birdbath. She is very big so we think she is pregnant. So we are talking to her about having babies and she is looking at us wondering what on earth we are doing! Right, like what are you putting on your face girl?

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