If your own guilt puts shame on another,
It is time to check your pride before you proceed any further.
If your secret means the innocent will suffer,
It is time your truth is finally uncovered. 

14 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. I speak up from the other side of the issue– the co-dependent parent side. Although never as hard as the road of the victim, being the parent who should have known, should have done better and didn’t is a bad place to be. That guilt is a bit different. If I didn’t have God to keep reminding me that I am forgiven, then I could not make it. My precious one does not forgive and I can never do enough. All I can do is keep trying from my estranged place to offer see if she will accept. On two occasions in nine long months she responded with a hint that I might be allowed back in, but then she quickly retracted as it is sending her into some sort of panic. On her terms is all I have which is fair for the situation.


    • Shoot, do you know what I would do if I had a parent that was willing to try, willing to accept that they could have done better and apologized for not!!!!! That would pretty much be a dream instead of having a parent who blamed and denied.
      Sounds to me like you are human. You made a mistake but are trying to right it, so regardless of the outcome, you are doing the right thing which is very admirable. I understand from a victims point of view that letting someone back in that hurt you and didn’t protect you is very very hard and it does take time but if the other person were remorseful and had changed, it would be so worth the shot. Thank you for sharing your side. I really appreciate that!


      • Pray for us. I am scheduled to travel accross the state in couple of weeks to attend a therapy session with my daughter. I have very low expectations, but I’ll do anything she will allow me to do.


      • I absolutely will. Praying that you can reconcile once she sees that you love her and apologize and hope to be the parent she needs. If i had a parent that was willing. I would want to hear…I am so sorry I didnt protect you, I am so sorry I wasnt there for you like I should have been. Even if you can’t forgive what i did not do for you back then I hope you can give me a chance to make you believe I will do bettter now”

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