Poetry: conversations with God

God, are you there?

I’m just going to talk like you are.

I’ve seen your miracles. 

I know they exist.

Yet sometimes I feel…

Is it free will…

Are your hands tied?

You can do everything

And nothing.

How do you decide?

I lay here on the ground

Humble before you.

You can hear my prayers.

Put it upon my heart

What you want me to do.

My faith evades me.

My hope too.

Which doesn’t mean 

I don’t believe in you.

There is so much suffering

None that we choose.

I know you are with me.

I know that you love me.

I have no doubt you are there.

I know you know me.

Every single hair.

But I don’t understand

Your will.

Seriously, what are you doing up there?

What are you doing with my life?

Is this luck of the draw

Roll of the dice?

No way, but come on!

You and I are friends

So I can tell you what’s on my heart.

I’m laying here 

In the grass

With a tired body 

With a troubled soul.

I don’t know if you can help me.

I just wanted you to know.

8 thoughts on “Poetry: conversations with God

  1. God wants us to be honest and speak to him, just as we are. He knows what we are feeling and desiring before we can put it into words. He does love us; intentionally and unconditionally.


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