Some frog entertainment 

As everyone who knows me knows, I love all things nature. 

I was about to shut the window when I spotted this little guy, tree frog, hiding in the corner….had I closed the window…that would have been a day ruined! But he was saved. I crawled all around the floor chasing this little bugger who jumped on every piece of furniture. 

I am pretty sure only my daughter and I could be SO entertained for SO long by a mere frog…

His steps to freedom and  a brief encounter with a green worm:

10 thoughts on “Some frog entertainment 

    • I KNOW. I feel so badly you can’t see him!!!! The picture I posted was him sitting on my arm and me staring at him and he was on my hand for awhile looking at my daughter and then me. He was a pretty shade of green. I was thinking of you and the butterfly because I want you to see her too. That post, butterflies and dandelions, she was tiny, orange and black, and on this fluffy puff that was like cotton that was a dandelion before the wind blows it away and she was just resting on it flapping her wings open and closed.

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