Dandelions and butterflies

I went on a wheelchair stroll around the neighborhood and I stopped to look at these flowers. They were the perfect match of colors, lavender and yellow. Just wild flowers on the side of the road right across from my house. I suppose most people would think they were weeds like dandelions and treat with good ole weed and feed and they would nolonger grow. But then had they done that I would have missed such…wonderment. 

Had I not stopped I would have driven right past this precious, and I mean precious penny size butterfly. I don’t know if it even WAS a butterfly it was so small. Then I noticed there were actually 2. One on a dandelion puff and one on the ground. My camera would not focus nomatter what I did because they both were fluttering so much.

I took a video just as she flew away. It truly is in the smallest things that I find happiness. 

19 thoughts on “Dandelions and butterflies

  1. the pictures are amazing..the beauty of nature is incredible, and sometimes you come across such breathtaking and amazing wonders that it gives a kind of serene bliss and happiness..

    when I also sometimes come across such beautiful gifts I just smile and automatically I say thank you to God, coz I was given the opportunity to adore the beauty.

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  3. The butterfly is a small tortoiseshell; host plants for its caterpillars are common stinging nettles. In spring the adult can be found a number of flowering shrubs, and like your specimen on all manner of lower flowering flora. Your specimen is on the common wild daisy, not dandelion. A few links for you to check out:

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