I searched for my voice

And I have spoken.

But I have not been heard.

Did I speak

For another 

to listen to my words?

Is the mere sound from our vocal chords 


If there is no 


Is there 


Is there clarity

If their is no 


Where is absolution!

What are these syllables?

What is their intention?

Wasting my voice on the walking dead.

Can we not use our voices for a different purpose instead?

My lips sat idol 

in hopes of  making their debut.

Oh the empowerment I thought I could attain,

Calling out perpetrators

By name.

Disappointment lingers as no one cares for the truth.

They don’t care about my tainted youth.

I threw away my voice, 

My roar echoed in their bones.

I now understand

I now know.

My voice stopped having meaning

To them

A long time ago.

I am as I always was



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