Standing on Two Legs

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Amputation and Beyond

It’s Tuesday morning, March 28; I’m so excited just thinking about tomorrow – I can’t even begin to imagine what it will be like to have my prosthesis, almost six months after my amputation! However, I should have known that not everything would go as smoothly as I had planned. Early Tuesday evening, my back and stump really started hurting; and the pain got worse as the evening progressed. I could barely get in and out of my wheelchair. I massaged my lower back and the stump, used heat and even took some Tylenol. Appears I somehow pulled a muscle. By morning, I was a little bit better, but I can honestly say there was nothing that was going to interfere with getting my prosthesis on the 29th.
So off we went to the OPC office. It was the strangest feeling when Stephanie came walking in with my prosthesis. Oh…

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