I would like to propose an important revision to the DSM and ICD diagnostic bible. I can do these controversial types of things because I’m a mental health blogger, which surely must give me some cyber muscle power (even if imagined), and challenging things is also my idea of fun.

As my writer inspirer friend The Daily Annagram said, “Your keyboard is your weapon.”

I will never forget that five word wonder. I agree wholeheartedly with what Anna said. I do believe bloggers yield some kind of influence, particularly if we actually try to and are motivated to.

When we log into WordPress we can choose on a whim what we want to write about that day/night, and not only that, people then actually READ the stuff we just wrote.


And they might stumble onto our blog, like what they read, and be reading posts we wrote weeks or months ago too…scrabbling…

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5 thoughts on “Present.TSD

  1. Oh my god I have to tell you how much I loved this. I loved this!! OMG!! It was fucking awesome. I just loved it. OMG!! I’m excited about this. I am following this blog because I want to read more stuff like this. Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing this Bethany. I felt like I could relate to this. I really did. Awesome. That’s the only word to describe how I feel about it. Awesome!!

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