Wildlife today.

Every year mama fox comes to have her babies next door.  We have an empty acre where limestone rocks were piled and trees surround them. She must feel safe there because she comes back every year. I am always excited to get a glimpse of her, and today I had my camera when she came out. 

Meanwhile in the local watering hole:

The teeniest tiniest of blue birds took a bath while a male and female cardinal took turns feeding each other worms, then they jumped in too. Every morning I empty and refill the birdbath with clean water and they come within minutes. 


My favorite owl is back. He has a mate and they come to have babies in our oak trees every year. I absolutely love the owls. 

And that concludes today’s world of Florida wildlife!

20 thoughts on “Wildlife today.

    • The fox stopped and looked at me right when I took her picture and then she barked and ran off. She is much more skidish than she was last year which is good. I was worried she was becoming too used to humans

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  1. Brilliant. Foxes and owls…. 2 of my absolute favorites. Reminds of growing up and my brother. Thanks for the good vibe. Have a great day


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