A black crow and a yellow butterfly 

flew together side by side.

“They think raking leaves will build her character,” 

the crow squawked.

“Visiting the lonely, giving compassion to the desperate would give more growth indeed,”

 the butterfly whispered.

The crow agreed.

“Why do you shout your words,”

 the butterfly asked.

“Some things must be spoken loudly for people to fully grasp.

Why are you so quiet, just fluttering your wings?”

“Some things can only be learned in silence,”

The crow agreed.

“We are a nice balance,” said the crow to the butterfly.

It’s a shame the humans can’t see life

Through our eyes.

8 thoughts on “Poetry

    • I was taking a walk around the neighborhood and watched this crow and this butterfly fly at exactly the same time and just wondered if they could talk…I’ve never seen a butterfly fly so fast and a crow glide so slowly that they were right next to each other. Past them was a girl raking leaves and two hawks flew right in front of me. When I got home I sat on my sidewalk and watched these two cardinals dancing around the yard and so I wrote this poem. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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