I’ve been swimming against the current for so long,

My red towel is bleached pink from the sun.

My body’s strength,

is gone.

Perhaps it isn’t too late 

to turn around.

I’m just 


tired now.

Perhaps it’s past time 

to just 


I’ve begun to sink.

I know this defeat.

My prayers bubble up to the surface,

Never to be seen

As my body washes out 

to the sea.



19 thoughts on “Poetry

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  2. Dear Bethany: I know this feeling. May I hold your hand? I have a small voice, but sweet. I would like to sing for – to – with ? you.

    I see you in the sun, and the clear water. I stay with you. TS


    • I just clicked on your site earlier and was reading some of your posts and I just looked and it says I am not following you. How bizarre!!! I was following you this morning!!!!!! Fucking wordpress man!
      Thanks for checking on me. I am drowning in health issues hence my poem and overwhelmed.
      Love and hugs to you!!!!!!

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