Where are you?

Can’t you find your way back to me?

I can’t find my way to you.

I can’t see you through…life.

You held me in your womb.

You held me next to your heart.

You carried me.

You carried me.

Then you let me fall.

Why did you let me fall.

I’m your child.

Doesn’t your soul want to take my hand?

Or will our love be forever tainted by man.

I held my daughter’s hand tonight.

I thought back to a time

When her heart beat along side of mine.

I remember every moment in her life.

I remember.

I will never let her go.

How can a mother let go of her child.

For her

I’d walk a thousand miles.

I’d fight for her until the end of time.

Isn’t that what moms do?

Where are you?

You chose to not come back 

To me.

My heart once beat right next to yours.


Your Bethany.

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