A tiny seed and a tiny root.

I loved my next door neighbor’s mimosa trees. One day,  many years ago, he brought over what looked like a stick with barely any roots and just stuck it in the ground. He told me that it would become a beautiful mimosa tree in no time at all. I didn’t believe him! It was a stick! With only a few roots! But look at it now:

I can’t wait for it’s little puffy flowers to appear. They are pink fluff and smell like cotton candy and bubble gum. 

This tree came from next to nothing. But those tiny strings of roots took hold and spread. It took many years. It transformed from scrawny and spindly to strong and tall and spectacular.  It was worth the wait. Some things take a long long time to take root and to flourish. Longer than we could have imagined or expected. 

Take a look at this…when we first built our house, there were massive stones that had to be dug from where the house would be placed. I asked them to put the stones next to the trees. 

Out of one of those rocks is now, 12 years later, growing a flower. Just a rock, and a flower and some ferns that grew along side too.

It just took only little seed to land on top of a ROCK to get this beautiful orange and yellow flower. There is no soil on the rock. Just some leaves that have accumulated. But all it took was one seed to make a flower grow out of a rock. 

It didn’t need the perfect accommodations!It didn’t even need soil! But it grew. Out of a STONE!

Just a tiny bit of roots and a tiny little seed. Imperfect conditions. Improbable outcomes. And yet, there they are. 

I had tiny roots. Tiny. I did not have perfect conditions. My outcome, based on my circumstances looked pretty grim. But maybe we don’t need a lot to thrive. Maybe we don’t need a huge family and tons of friends. Maybe we don’t need the perfect anything. A flower grew from a seed on a rock. A magnificent tree grew from a stick and tiny roots. We just need a little bit to go on. A little bit will do. A little bit HAS to do. I only have a little bit. I have a limited, small, wonderful support system. I am not surrounded by thick rich soil and strong roots.I, myself am quite fragile. I have to accept what I have been given and let that be enough.

One tiny seed of faith. One tiny root of possibility. And some time. And it will happen. We will thrive and flourish. We just may need a little more time. I need a little more time. But if a flower can grow from a rock, anything is possible. 

22 thoughts on “A tiny seed and a tiny root.

  1. I believe the small twig that was you grew into a sapling able to weather the storms, in to a beautiful tree with wide spread branches that harbor a myriad of happy lives, and your blossoms are colorful and have the sweetest smell that covers the area in peaceful reflection. Hugs

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  2. I love this, Bethany! And I always look forward to your pictures. Do you know this site? I get a marvellous nature email each day! TS
    PS I think you are a very wise owl.


      • I thought you would enjoy it! Every day something wondrous. I have a huge chest cold but am sending you germ-free hugs! TS

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      • Shoot sorry about your chest cold. Those are miserable! You have to sleep propped up so you can breathe. My last cold I had some nasal strips on the outside of my nose, tissue stuffed in one nostril, propped up on 5 pillows, under a heating blanket, miserable. Hope you get past it soon!

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      • It keeps happening. It seems to be memories of some awful tortures my mother did to me. My T says my body is healing, remembering all this. Do you know the Yiddish expression (very popular in Brooklyn, where I live now): “Oy Vey”? I find it very useful. Drinking Robitussin DM helps too, and so does my wonderful T. TS


      • I have heard yiddish from my father’s side of the family that is Jewish. yes, I know that one well.
        I am so sorry that you had to endure that from someone who was supposed to be the person who loved and protected you and made you safe. What an atrocity.
        I do know that sometimes the healing process knocks our immune system down AND sometimes it is just purging AND sometimes we can store the pain in our body. As I am going through therapy I am taking takuna that I get from nutramedix. It takes care of viruses. I know everyone has their own little way to help them through colds but I love takuna. I’m just so sorry that you are having to go through this . Remembering is hard. I’ve tried to forget but nightmares and PTSD made that hard. All we can do is work through it and give ourselves the compassion and love we didn’t get. I wish you hope and healing through this time.


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