Just a lighthearted blog post

I was searching our computer for one particular picture, which I could not find, but I found a few other gems. 

My daughter had a folder of her photographs. After comparing the pictures I take and the pictures she takes, I think I need to buy her a really nice camera. I am known for my blurry photos. This folder is probably taking up half the space on our computer. Thousands of pictures that she has uploaded. I love every one. Here are a few:

Molly and her toys. You can barely see her bandaged foot. She was in a fuss that day because of her foot so my daughter surrounded her with toys. 

I’d never seen this picture before. As you can see Molly had a comfy life as all dogs should. 

Molly liked to lay on her toys. She didn’t share well. But there were enough toys to go around. 

My sweet Jessy digging a hole. How happy was his life!!!!!

I’m thrilled to have found these photos that she took and remembering the love we gave our dogs and the love they gave us. Then I found the butterfly folder…

I could NEVER take a picture that well. She really captured some beauty. 

And this concludes my lighthearted blog post of photographs my daughter has taken. May you have a lighthearted day.

5 thoughts on “Just a lighthearted blog post

  1. Wonderful Bethany. I love the energy and abandon of dogs. I love how they will dive into the work of digging a hole and love the work of digging that hole for no reason other than the fun of throwing dirt around. That humans could find such joy in just doing things, in just living. Your daughter would do well with a good camera as it shows she has a great eye, and also a lot of compassion. SHe has a great mother. Hugs


    • Thank you! I do love my baby girl even though she is 20 now!
      Jessy was so happy to have his face buried in a hole. Molly usually dug it for him and he stuck his face in. I love the purity of animals

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