Trees and weeds.

I really love trees and vines and weeds. I always have. Weeds aka flowers, I find beautiful. 

The vines we planted on our fence have traveled down the whole property line.

I love the red/orange honeysuckle vine. It attracts butterflies and humming birds. I cannot tell you excited I am to see the humming birds around the honeysuckle. If you are thinking of planting some, the white has a fantastic sweet smell and the red does not have a smell. So we mixed them together to have the best of both worlds, sweet smell and hummingbirds.

This regular ordinary mail box could be just that. But BAM it becomes a vine hidden, beautiful smelling, display of jasmine!

Even stinging nettle I love. I love the white flowers. I love it’s ability to make tea with the leaves. Yes it will sting the heck out of you but its benefits way outweigh its cons!

Then there is the most unfavorite weed of all lawn connoisseur … the dandelion. People toss the weed and feed on their law to kill them. I look at those yards and admire the bright green grass. We had that once. But then we got sick and sprinkling fertilizer and weed killer was not a healthy choice for us. And I have to say, I love it! Because without dandelions, whatever would we wish on? Who has not made a wish and blown dandelions into the wind! 

And then there are my trees. I love them. I love to watch the wind blow throw them. I love to watch the moss fly. I love the wild ferns that cover the yard. I love the resurrection fern that is in the trees. Have you ever seen resurrection fern? It looks dead and shriveled one moment and bursting forth with vibrancy and green the next. 

And that is a little piece of my yard today! I enjoyed being outside and taking the pictures. It is something I look forward to every day. I hope you found some beauty in your day today. 

24 thoughts on “Trees and weeds.

  1. You won’t believe this but I’ve been taking pictures of my weeds too. I was planning to make a post out of them and a few thoughts on the benefits and beauty of weeds. My clover and oxalis are fabulous.

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    • I cant wait to see your pictures!!!! I used to make salves from weeds in the yard. Plantain is very healing. I used it on my husband”s broken arm and it was miraculous. And the 10 leaf weed…darnit i cant remember the name but it pulls out infection and ive used it too.

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      • Holy cow what can you NOT do with plantain! It is a miracle plant. I made a poultice with it for my husband’s arm. He had an external fixitor to hold the bones together. Where the break was I put the poultice on. They took the fixation out 10 days early and I know it was the plantain. It can be placed on cuts, bee stings, wounds. There really wasnt anything I didn’t put it on.

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      • I never took it internally. I boiled the leaves and soaked washcloths in the water. Put the leaves directly on his arm and then put the washcloths over it with the soaked up water. I also made a salve by boiling them in a tiny bit of water and mixing in an oil an dputting it in the fridge. Oh chickweed is what I was thinking of earlier that pulls out infection.

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