Wheelchair walks

A plus to having a motorized wheelchair is you can actually access the inaccessible. And that is probably the only time you will every here me say that but it does fit this particular situation. Sounds like an oxymoron and YET:

Behind our neighborhood is a road. To get to that road there is a small paved path with orange poles at the end so you cannot drive through our neighborhood to get to it. As you can see it is blocked off but my wheelchair can squeeze right through. 

The reason I love to go to the road behind us is this:

The 200 year oak trees make a bridge for you to go under. I LOVE looking at the bridge they build and I LOVE going under it. The dogs and I used to walk back here all the time because it was blocked from the sun so cool in the summer. On the other side of this road is a prairie that is a wild life sanctuary. Late at night, from my house, you can hear the alligators croaking out there and the coyotes howling. 

But the trees. What a story they would tell after 200 years. I love how they branch out, reach out across the sky and entertwine in each other. It is beautiful to see and beautiful to feel while under them. The things they have seen…

I made my way back home to our road, which I have to say is not bad either!

Right next to my house is an empty acre that I passed while pulling in:

The 2 live oaks in our front yard and the massive one in the back is why we built the house here:

I pulled into the driveway and caught the fox out of the corner of my eye in the empty acre. She came out and looked at me then ran back in. If you look hard enough you will see her! She is orange with a black tail, black feet and a white tip on her tail. She is at the bottom of the huge rock pile. It’s her perfect sanctuary. I saw no signs of her babies so she must have weaned them now which means she will be moving on until next year. 

27 thoughts on “Wheelchair walks

    • I have found, that in my greatest sense of loss in the last few years, I have found the ability to notice and love the things that other people find is just background scenery. I truly find joy in the cardinal and the flower and the moss and the wind blowing the leaves in the oak tree. I watch them for hours too. Those are my moments of peace. Moments when I forget the loss and can live in the moment which I cherish.

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  1. I agree Robert I was paralyzed three years ago and I’ve really learned to live life in the moment, nobody seems to do that anymore…everybody’s always distracted by this or that, when was the last time you took 10 minutes to just do nothing? I don’t mean read emails, text, watch TV, or read a book, I mean do nothing? Your mind is the most important thing in the world and yet we neglect it. It took me losing my legs for me to learn that lesson

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    • It is something powerful isn’t it! I hate to have loss to gain something priceless. At least with some loss there is new vision even if it is just being able to spend that 10 minutes with your thoughts or staring at a butterfly or just being aware of your emotions, who you are, how you feel and why.

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