Today I took a 5 minute drive. I was so excited to see my wildflower/wedding bouquet flowers still blooming.

For an entire month they have bloomed! I came upon an entire field of them! I couldn’t get very close though without driving directly into someone’s yard. This was the best I could do.

When I got home I went for a wheelchair walk. I was VERY excited at a new citing of the elusive orange wild flower. It was way back in some woods. But I saw it.

Zoomed in

It apppears the symbol of the innocence of my childhood is sprinkled everywhere.

Some other wildflowers along the way.

And I passed by the original orange flower and got a clearer picture of it.

Stopped to smell the jasmine

Then went to my peaceful spot in the back yard.

Where this fella felt he needed to show off. I told him I really didn’t need to keep seeing the red throat but this lizard was very persistent in his show.

Hoping you all had  some uplifting things today too.

16 thoughts on “Wildflowers

    • Well…they look more like dinosaurs. They aren’t the tiny green ones but the bigger ones. I do not like them. And they stick their throat out and apparently this impresses the females! My dog used to love to kill them. We rarely saw them. Word must have spread we had a lizard killer. But after jess passed away they have come back in full force!

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      • Of course not you can ask me anything I don’t mind, I was born blind, I was born 13 weeks premature the backs of my eyes were developed. That’s why I am blind


      • I am so sorry that I am not more descriptive when I post pictures. That is very insensitive of me especially with you reading my blogs. I will try to be more descriptive.
        What a miracle that you lived!! And you are here to encourage so many of us with your kindness and loving words. The world is blessed to have you.

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      • Thank you :-), you have made me really happy, thank you for your kind words, don’t worry about being descriptive, you do a great job, I love reading your blog and hearing about all the cool pictures you take

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