Milk Supply: What Works for ME

Great tips for nursing/pumping mommies. I totally agree. I had to drink a ton of fluids to keep up my supply and did you know you burn about 600 calories a day just making breast milk! So EAT! Check out this mom’s blog for new mom support

Life Begins with Baby

There are tons of tips and tricks you read on line and hear from friends that you try to increase your milk supply. I too have heard all of these and I am going to explain my modifications and what has helped me. I am not saying this will for sure work for you, but hey, who knows it could help increase your supply.

I have already written a blog about my pumping schedule (go check it out if you haven’t already!) and this is really important. Breast milk supply boils down to supply and demand. I find that the max time between pumping sessions should be 5 hours. I usually don’t pump any sooner than 3 hours since the last session. Keeping up with the schedule, yes the 3am session as well, has helped me a lot. I tried cutting out the 3am session and my milk supply decreased…

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