My bowl of precious things. 

I am not attached to material items. Except the ones in this little bowl. This little bowl was given to me by the daughter of a hospice patient that was very dear to me. It is made from a tribe in some far away country that I cannot even remember. But I love it’s sentimental value. 

The blue stone bracelet is from the same daughter, who gave me her mother’s bracelet as a way to remember her ( I will remember her forever in my heart anyway). 

The elephant necklace is from my daughter. She picked it out for me for Christmas. It is a mother and baby that symbolize us. She knows my most favorite animal is an elephant as well. 

My wedding ring, when I am not wearing it, is in this bowl. I remember the covenant I made, my vows, our vows, when my husband put this ring on my finger and I cherish that memory. 

The shells are from the first time I was able to go to the beach in 15 years. It was such a joyous moment because I truly believed I would never be able to walk on the beach again. I brought these shells home to remind me of that moment,( even though I can close my eyes and remember that moment in my heart right now. ) 

That plastic clip…hold on to your hats…the moms will know what that is… I have had many “OH MY GOSH WHY DO YOU HAVE THAT!” Comments on that plastic clip. It was the clip for my daughter’s umbilical cord. I will tell you why I kept it. It was a symbol of our connection. It reminds me that her umbilical cord was once attached inside of my body. I gave her oxygen and food and life through that cord. We will forever be bonded and that plastic clip just reminds me that even though the cord had to be cut for her to be an independent being, she was still once right next to my heart and forever will be. 

I also have both of our baby bracelets that have our names on them in that bowl. My bracelet fits into hers because I was barely 4lbs and she was 7 and 1/2 lbs. I have them in the bowl side by side. They remind me that nomatter how we came into this life, we have a choice with what we do with it. 

Each thing in the bowl represents or symbolizes something very special to me. It is the only material thing I am attached to on this earth. Everything else in this house I would not miss if it were gone. I value the love of my daughter and my husband far more than any material things, so if my little bowl were to disappear…I’d be ok as long as my two most favorite people kept  on loving me. 

19 thoughts on “My bowl of precious things. 

  1. What a precious post and I have a precious bowl too, except mine is a little trunk. Most pieces are relative of non monetary value but they are my greatest treasures as I call them. For it is not the money that makes the value, but the memories that are attached and that touched our hearts.

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  2. I understand this – for most ‘possessions’ have material value. When you have hit rock bottom you realize the futility of those things, you hunger for true value. It is the blessing given when you are at your lowest and it helps us appreciate what is real and what value really means. You explained this so well. My most valuable things are; My childhood teddy and penguin, a ring of my grandmother’s and my childhood blanket because I feel whilst I am more alone in this world than I would like and do not have children I have the faith of being a child and that helps me realize it’s not over until it’s over. If I had children like you do I think i would be their toy, their blanket. Being without children means you never understand that love, but you can appreciate and respect it as I do yours for them.


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