Wheelchair walks

Before I even began my walk THE most precious little grayish bird landed on my windowsill..

I thought I’d bring you along my walk with me today. I noticed this little purple flower right away:

Driving down my driveway, the sun and the shadows on my front yard was beautiful:

I turned left and looked up and WOW! The sun behind a rain cloud was breathtaking!!!

My view from my scooter:

I passed by this tree which I have watched grow for the last 11 years in a retention area. It is called a winged elm tree. Any name that has winged in it has to be pretty spectacular. 

 Stopped to admire this dandelion and this yellow flower that I don’t know the name of

I have always wondered what these thick leafless vines are that grow up in the trees, so I had to stop and admire how they were all twisted 

And  my favorite lot is for sale on the road behind us. The trees are just…no words… The prairie is right behind this lot.. 

Best part of this walk: along the way I got to hold my husband’s hand. 

9 thoughts on “Wheelchair walks

  1. I love these wheel chair walks.

    The bird (so cute) looks like a gray catbird. I think. I googled it because I was curious.

    These are all so great. The twisted branches have to be my favorite. And the trees remind me of the ones that threw apples at Dorothy in the Enchanted Forest.


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