20 thoughts on “Our glorious day

    • I was going to write a big long post and describe it for you! But then my wifi kept going out and deleting everything. So I will tell you. We went to a prairie and my daughter spoke with a black cow for awhile. Then we passed a beautiful field of yellow wild flowers. Then we saw horses far off in a field and my daughter got out of the car, called them and they ran to her! She got to pet them before they ran off again. Then we went further because I wanted to pet a horse. So we saw what we thought were goats and my daughter called them and they ran to us and one was a small miniature horse. She put her face up and let me pet her and I kissed her nose. I love the way horses smell! And the goats came over. I don’t much like them but pet one anyway. Then my daughter pet one and got right in her face and was very sweet. It was a very nice time since my daughter has not been out other than for doctors and neither have I for a very long time. So it was a great adventure


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