Florida rain

It is currently 12:30 AM in Florida and there will be no sleeping here until this storm calms down. The thunder you can feel while in the bed. It vibrates everything! It is a good thing I have the opportunity to sleep in. I am posting a video my daughter just took. Florida storms are NOT always soothing and calming. 


20 thoughts on “Florida rain

    • Hello friend!!!!! She just said hello back! Her birthday is on the 6th btw. You two are very close! I haven’t been able to get on wordpress because it has been crashing every time for 2 days!!! I went through blog withdrawal!!
      Hope you are well!

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      • Is your Worstpress working now? Yes we are close in birth, me on the 8th and her on the 6th. Libra’s are very complicated people, yet simple. Tell me something…..what does she desire for her birthday present from someone she has never met and does not know.


      • It is working now. It almost sent me into a smashing fit of anger though because I had written out my thoughts on something and it crashed. Then I rewrote it in another format on my ipad and tried to send it again and it crashed. Wouldn’t let me access anything. But it seems to be fine now. I have no idea what happened.
        I just showed her your message. And said OH MY GOSH! And then tiredly said I will tell you what to tell him tomorrow. It is almost 3 am but the storm has kept us up. I think she finally fell asleep.


      • Tomorrow is always good. You both need to sleep/rest. I love storms like the one she videoed. I lives on Sugar Loaf Key for years and loved the storms. Everyday at 3 PM we got rain during the rain season.


      • Oh I would never object to a friend wanting to do something nice for my sweet girl. And to share her birthday with such a supportive kind person is pretty darn cool. It is true. Complicated yet simple. That is her. Complicated only because her mind is always working, wondering, rethinking. Simple in that you don’t have to wonder how she feels or believes because she will tell you and she always knows. So complicated yet so simple. Yep.
        Her last few birthdays have been sick birthdays. She could use some joy that is for sure.
        She will be 21! And how old will you be? Oh one who looks very young but I have a feeling is older than I think.

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      • I will be 58 years old. Some days I feel it and some days I don’t. Lately I’ve felt the best I’ve felt in years so I am thinking I’ll die next week. πŸ˜„ 😎 πŸ˜›


      • NO! Nope! Not gonna happen! We need you around for at LEAST 20 more years.
        I’m so happy you are feeling well. It makes me happy to know you are feeling the best youve felt in years.

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      • That good feeling always means sickness is just around the bend. Now remind Ms. Riley that soon I’d like to know what she wants for her birthday. Remind me again how young she’ll be…. 21 or 22?


      • She is currently contemplating this πŸ™‚ She will be 21. I was off on your age by 8 years. I figured you were turning 50.
        I really really hope sickness is not around the corner. You deserve good health and to feel good. I really want that for you

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      • You are a sweetheart Bethany. I have made my peace with death, a long time ago. Spending 9 years in US military provides perspective on life.

        On a much brighter subject, is she having a 21 Birthday Party? 21 is like a milestone for girls, right? Or should I say young Women. She looks 15 years old, and thats a good thing.


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