The Day After

There is a trigger warning on this reblog.
I cannot imagine how painful it must have been to write these words for my friend KATM. She is a survivor of horrific, and mean some of the most horrifying abuse I have read. But it must be read because in the truth of these experiences we can see…so much. Many people don’t want to hear these words. They are hard to read. But if she went through it, I can read it and give love and support. Those who live in denial want these words to be minimized. They cannot be. The monsters of the world need to be revealed for what they have done to the innocent. Justice needs to prevail in our world and we cannot see that if everyone chooses to look away.
I pray for this friend, this soul, this precious person who went through hell and is brave enough to write about it and keep moving forward.

Finding the Light in the Darkness

So I saw Dr. D yesterday.  It was tough, complete with a panic attack.  She encouraged me to call Dr. W.  Since I seen her earlier this week, I didn’t think it was a good idea.  But Dr. D gently explained that Dr. W would be concerned that I let myself continue to suffer needlessly.  So I called.  I got a call back that evening, which surprised me because she’s on vacation.  She asked what was going on and I told her everything.  Well almost everything.  I didn’t tell her how long things have been going on.  She gave me hydroxyzine, which she has given me before.  Dr. W said she’s hesitant to prescribe a benzo at this point.  Not because she’s worried about addiction.  But rather given the amount of medication I’m on.  I understand her point of view, and I respect it.  What it says to me is…

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