Smell 2 #SoCS

Once I did the stream of consciousness Saturday….it did not stop. I had one more to go. I hope that doesn’t break the rules. Once my mind turned the switch it just had more to say with the word….smell.

Poetry: smell
Heal her 

And take me.

This isn’t bargaining.

This isn’t a plea.

This is an offering.

You’ve accepted offerings 

2000 years ago!

Heal her

I’ll gladly go.

Is that an insult?

I don’t even know.

Hopefully you’ll see through

To my heart though.

You made a blind man see!

I know you CAN

Heal her

And take me.

She is different, special,

There is a life she wants to lead.

Ok I changed my mind

I’m down on my knees.

I will plead.

She rested her head

On my shoulder

Her hair 


Of just a tiny bird.


Take me

And heal her. 

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