Smell #SoCS

I was sure that my favorite gardenia was dead. She only had a few leaves. So my husband bought me two new gardenias and planted them for me for my birthday. 

I kept watering the other gardenia though, even though it was mostly just sticks. 

Then I saw the bud. Then the bloom. I couldn’t be more excited that something I was sure was going to die could produce a bud and then bloom I have been sitting out in the dark inhaling the incredible aroma of this gardenia. Years ago when I first got it I stuck a little believe sign in it. She is a great representation of what believing can be. Near death to full bloom. I just need to apply this plant to the rest of my life and I will be in good shape. There are reminders everywhere, you just have to see them…or smell them. I JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE! I JUST NEED TO BELIEVE! COME ON BETHANY. BE LIKE THE GARDENIA. BE LIKE THE GARDENIA. 


Stream of consciousnes saturday

11 thoughts on “Smell #SoCS

    • Awwwwww!!!!!!
      Thank you!!!!
      I tried to comment on your grandmother post but I don’t know if it worked or not.
      I could not believe how similar our stories are! I have a china hutch in my kitchen that was in her house forever. If I open up the glass it still smells of her so I do a quick open and smell. I used to just think I would smell her around the house or hope I did. I miss her almost every day and she’s been gone for 20 years now


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