Even owl mamas get tired

I have been watching these two baby owls grow for the last few months. Today, I went out and had my daily owl time. Both babies were there crying and crying for their parents. They cry all day and all night. I’m pretty sure they don’t yet realize they are nocturnal. They often fly right above my head and sit on the tree above me. Today I had to walk out in the yard to see one and then they both flew into the tree above my head. 

Then the mama came. One baby visited her. The mama is on the left and baby is on the right. The babies spend a lot of time chatting with me but this was the first time I had seen the mother. She only spent a moment looking at me then went back to the task at hand. 

Then the other baby came. Mama was in the middle and babies on both sides. Mama brought something big to eat. She spent a lot of time tearing and ripping apart the food for her babies. They cried the entire time. They pecked at her shoulders and cried in her face. They really pushed the Mama!!! Here she was, up at 4 in the afternoon when she should be sleeping, got food, was preparing food, and they just screamed and pecked and were terribly impatient. I watched them for a long time. The mother finally stopped, lifted her head and closed her eyes. She just needed a minute, even owl mothers get tired! Then she fed her babies. It was an amazing sight to see. I cannot believe a got a picture of her moment. One baby you can see is still trying to grab and peck, the other one is leaning in front of her. She is just sitting there with her eyes closed. Beautiful.

11 thoughts on “Even owl mamas get tired

  1. You have a large amount of empathy and understanding. I am glad they have you in their world. The mother may have known you would understand and send her quiet strength. Thank you for sharing. Hugs


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