Mama foxes cry too

Every year Mama fox comes next to our house in a pile of huge rocks and has her babies. Last year at this time she had 5 babies. She lost 3 of them. This year she had 2 babies. I have watched her with them every year. This year is different. She is much more vigilant. She screams late at night. She always screams. But lately, as her babies are getting older, when they do not come or call right back, she frantically screams. Mother foxes cry too! Hopefully the video will play if you turn up the volume you can hear her. 

Here are the two babies napping but looking at me up in the rocks. 

In this picture one baby is under the mom but you can barely see her and the other is on the rock below. 

This baby got some grooming.

This baby was giving mama some love.

For my visually impaired friend I want to describe her. She is small. Maybe 30 lbs. the size of a small dog. Her legs are long. Her noise is long like a deer and her ears are also pointed and upright like a deer. She has a white chest and chin but her back and face, ears and tail are all orange. Her tail is a big fluff and her legs are black. Her face is beautiful. She is thin now after feeding her babies. Later in the year if I see her she is much fuller. On the back of both ears are black tips. Her tail has a white tip. Her babies look just like her.

23 thoughts on “Mama foxes cry too

    • I would never try to pet them. They jump into our yard and have for years. My old dog jessy ran after one once and when he caught the fox , did not know whether she would play or not. She didn’t so he just came back to me.

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  1. Wow, these pictures are amazing.

    I heard a fox screaming around 6 am the other morning. I didn’t know what it was til Mr. B told me. I woke up, looked out the window but from the angle I was at, I couldn’t see anything. I thought it was a crow that got hit or something. I’d never heard a fox scream before.

    It turns out the cat from across the street had been chasing a fox. The fox was in the middle of the road. A car from next door drove up, the cat ran to the other side of the road, the fox kept screaming. The guy got out of his car and the fox ran off. The cat chased it.

    Poor thing should not be around here considering very little ‘wilderness.’ Very densely populated suburb.

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    • How odd that a fox is there. We are far out near a prairie and woods. I don’t know how a fox would have wandered into your area but I hope he wanders back out. Maybe was trying to eat the cat! Although I know they eat bugs and mice and small things. What a crazy story of a fox screaming at a cat!!!!

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      • I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday, who lives in the same neighborhood my parents last lived in together. She lives quite close to a highway but also there are lots of areas with grass, trees, creeks and even some woods. It’s still a suburban area though and in the same county I’m in. She was saying there’s a fox that crosses the highway via a tunnel that runs under the road. So who knows, maybe there’s something like that around here too. And if it hasn’t been built up, there is a woody area not too far from us. I just haven’t been over there yet to see.

        We moved here in August but we’ve already experienced, many nights of skunk aroma seeping through the windows in the wee hours of the morning. So the area is no stranger to a bit of wild life. Lol.

        In fact, there has been cougar sightings in this county as well as a bear sighting in a park in the city not too long ago. Now that was strange and rather unnerving. I would expect to see those animals a couple hours north but not so close.

        In the neighborhood we moved from, there was also a fox that worried me around there, but it was rather elusive. Made me nervous because our cat was outside all the time when we lived there. Now it seems I may not have had to worry. Lol.

        I always wish for any wildlife to be safe. The county I live in is a bit on the eclectic side so you never know what you may see. We also don’t have to go far to find deer really either. They are quite prevalent in different parts of the tri-county area I live in.


      • How did your cat do with the move? Is he still outside and does he come back?
        We have skunk around here too and I HATE it when they spray and the smell seeps in. It’s awful.
        Cougar sightings and bears sounds like you are just around the corner. We have those things here but it is rare. Mostly just foxes occasionally coyote and raccoons and armadillo. If my husband works late he will see deer and wild boar on the way home but I always miss seeing those.
        Do you like where you are living now?
        Will you be staying there awhile?

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      • Oz is still adjusting. I don’t think he’ll ever really be settled here. He is crying now because he sees how nice it is outside and wants to go out.

        We don’t let him out here because we are on a main road in front. He’d probably stay away from it because it’s all residential in back of our place.

        Oz is at least partially deaf in one ear now and quite a senior now. So they are two other reasons we don’t let him out here.

        Would love to move but we’ll probably stay for a year or two. I don’t like that we are on a main road. Can’t stand loud noises of traffic: motorcycles and loud music aren’t my favorite things.

        Just last night there were skunks and I had to close my bedroom window. It really sticks around too but I burned a little sage and that works really fast to dissipate that stench.

        In addition and another reason to not really like it here is that our landlord seems to have some narc tendencies. She likes to blame shit on us.

        She’s a piece of work and will eventually get a post of her own here.

        The apartment itself is a nice size though, but the kitchen is way too small.

        As for the wild animals, we really should no have bears or cougars around here. They aren’t indigenous to this area of PA although they are to other areas of the state. So they could be zoo escapes, someone being an ass and trying to make pets out of wild animals or possibly even being crowded out of their habitat although it’s a bit far for them to roam.

        The weird thing about this area is within ten minutes you can be in a woodsy area or even farm area where the houses are far apart from each other to a suburb where the neighbors are practically on top of each other.

        I’ve seen deer in certain parts of the tri county area in people’s back yards but you’d never see them in this neighborhood. Haha, never say never though.

        Armadillos are funny and that’s one animal we don’t have here in in the northeast that I’m aware of except maybe the zoo.


    • Thank you so much! They give me peace and I search for a little peace every day as I go through this trauma therapy and try and work through the past. Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it.


  2. Such cool photos and what a treat to witness year to year! We have fox near us too. We live on the bluff of the Mississippi River so we have also seen coyotes, eagles, turkeys, deer, and many birds I don’t know in our neighborhood. So fun to watch and observe their behavior!


    • I’m so glad you get enjoyment out of it too. And that you have so many wildlife animals around you too. I sat out tonight and watched the two baby owls and mother learning how to eat on their own. It all fascinates me

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