Nature today

My mimosa shot out her wonderful fluffy pink flowers that smell like a sweet jasmine smell. A toad stopped by to visit. A cardinal took a long bath. A beautiful bug with lavender feather tips landed next to me. A dandelion puff appeared. And all of that happened after the foxes and the owls visited.  I’d say it was a wonderful day all around in nature.  All of these things filled up my brain and pushed out the negative parts that tried so hard to rear their ugly head. I love how wildlife and nature can put back the good. It can fill the voids, the little cracks and crevices. If you stop and look, the world outside can just for a tiny moment,  overcome the turmoil inside. 

15 thoughts on “Nature today

  1. Nature is beautiful, perseverant, tough, strong survivor with no complaint. When overcome, in due time, pop up again in a most innocent, beautiful way as if turmoil had never come. The pink flowers of the mimosa tree are beautiful!


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