Footage of the treefrog rescue

My daughter shot this…look at the effort to release this little guy! He was not cooperative! Jumped out of my hands numerous times! We do this for spiders too but there is a lot more screaming involved!!!

15 thoughts on “Footage of the treefrog rescue

  1. Dear Bethany and daughter; I have spent most of the last hour with you. I read about your physical pain, Bethany … it is hard for me to imagine and I want to run to your side and help – I can cook, I can clean, I can comfort ….
    Then my T returned my call – I had a hideous nightmare last night – I rarely call her between sessions but this hurt so much – it is stuff from long ago and she reminds me that that is over. She is very patient as we have done this exercise a million times and parts of me don’t get it yet.
    And then I go back to my laptop and somehow you have managed to get up and make this hideous day miraculous.
    And I watch the wonderful owl mommy and babies, and you, and your baby, and the frog. My eyes are full of tears again but how different these tears.
    What can I send you but my thanks and my love. TS


    • I thought a few minutes ago that I never document a full day of ours from beginning til end. It starts off so badly with the pain and I wanted to write exactly what I felt. But I got up to make food for my daughter and had I not then I wouldn’t have seen the frog. Had I not saved the frog I would not have heard the owl. So I have, in between all that, had to lay down for many hours, but I thought that if in the end I got to get a foot from an owl and save a little frog(which made my daughter laugh because he wiggled around for so long ) then my day was okay after all.
      I feel very honored that you watched and read about my day.
      I woke up this morning to a nightmare. I didn’t write about that. So I just KNEW that once the pain set in that it would be an awful day. But it wasn’t. Just parts of it were.
      I know how it feels to feel the past from a nightmare and have such pain and agony in my every core cell of being. I am so so sorry that you experience that too. Sometimes the exercises work better than other times to bring you back to the present safe moment. I know it well.
      Im glad you came back to your computer to see the rest of my day. And that you shared it with me. Somehow i feel better knowing you shared it with me . Thank you for that. Much love to you.

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  2. This made me smile. Such a lucky little guy (or girl.)
    I’m a bit skittish about amphibians but I would’ve found a way to save him too. Maybe a jar. I use a jar to rescue bugs. Haven’t done much of that here but I used to rescue spiders all the time with an old bee pollen jar.

    This rescue here reminds me a little of the time my sister and I moved furniture in the living room to rescue a mouse so our cats wouldn’t get it.


    • That’s so sweet that you have the saving the mouse memory!
      Last week one jumped in the house then jumped under the house. It took all of us to set it free. I talked to it and reprimanded it telling it , hey listen, i have a muscle disease and you are killin me here not cut the crap and lets just get you saved. It’s funny how no one in my family questions when i talk to the animals or even the plants. Its not like i am a crazy person i just ….talk to every living thing i suppose and i always have. Even when i was little and i wasnt a vegetarian before i ate a hamburger i would thank the cow that died for me to eat. Geez i am sounding nuttier by the moment. I’ll quit typing now

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      • Naw, not at all. Did you see the movie Avatar? They would say, “I see you” when an animal died in that movie. (I’m getting chills thinking about that now.)

        I used to do thank animals too for giving their life for me but I have not done it in a while. I need to start again.

        When I was little I had a whole slew of imaginary animal friends that I “found” one day under my little plastic see-saw that I pretended was a rock.


      • When I saw that movie I was like HEY i coined that term!!!! I used to tell my dogs that all the time. The I see you part. I loved that movie. I’ve only seen it once. It was so intense I never watched it again. It made me sad that humanity isn’t like that now. There are a few but not many.
        That is very sweet you have imaginary animal friends.

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      • *had. Lol. I don’t really have imaginary friends anymore.

        I only saw Avatar once too. I saw it in the theater with Mr. B when it first came out, back when I was still seeing movies in the theater.


      • I can’t handle the movie theater anymore unless there is almost no one in it.

        I used to really like going on Monday afternoons during the school months. Almost no one would be in there.

        Once I saw a movie and one other person was in there before it started. When the movie was over and I got up to leave, I saw that NO ONE was in the theater. It was great!

        Now I just take DVDs out of the library and watch them on my laptop whenever I want to see something but that’s rare. I watch a lot of YouTube now.


      • I watch netflix and amazon prime and different shows on apps on my ipad. If i didn’t have that there would be nothing for me to watch really.
        I can’t even imagine going to a movie theater with people. Mostly because of my smell issues and germ issues. It is just one ptsd moment waiting to happen!

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      • Totally understand that. Smell! Yeah, you know I never think about that until I’m faced with it. I have issues with that as well. There are some people who love to bathe in cologne or perfume. Blech!

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